Our Goal

Our Goal has always been to find an idea that can improve the world, even if that means making someone’s life a little bit easier, or making a complicated process a bit more convenient. Welcome to Appointments On Time our AI Enabled Software Startup in partnership with Henry Ford Health Systems and IBM Watson, changing lives, one appointment at a time.

Doctor write medical exam results in calendar

Our Approach

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Science and Big Data, the CSMS will analyze structured and unstructured data contained within healthcare providers Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System and other sources. Than AOT’s proprietary AI engine will predict a patient's appointment reliability - including cancellations and "no-shows" - within fractions of a percent, while opening up unused time slots for other patient appointments. The AOT-CSMS's cognitive algorithm leveraging IBM’s Watson  the ultimate in machine learning technology, making the overall system more "intelligent" and accurate the more it is used.

This combination of prescriptive appointment scheduling and predictive resource allocation reduces patient wait times, increases patient satisfaction, and improves efficiencies to make healthcare more profitable.


How AOT's AI driven Cognitive Scheduling Management System (CSMS) works:


1. Install

We configure AOTs-CSMS into your existing scheduling / EMR software as a background service. This configuration is seamless, secure, and acts as an invisible layer of artificial intelligence.


2. Patients schedule

Patients schedule appointments like they normally would, online or over the phone.


3. AOT-CSMS Analyzes

AOT-CSMS securely communicates with the scheduling / EMR software and performs calculations. AOT-CSMS securely sends predictive information back to the scheduling / EMR software for decision making.

4. AOT's-CSMS is True Machine Learning

Transactional data is analyzed for future appointment using machine learning to generate predictive modeling based on many variables. While using state of the art  communication technology to meet HIPAA compliance requirements.


Impact On Healthcare Cost:

 1.  $100  to $500 per missed patient visit as "No Shows."

2. 38% reduction in "No Shows" after implementing appointment reminder system.

3.  1 in 4 Visits are canceled of which only 50% reschedule - costing millions annually.

4. 28% reduction in doctor office efficiencies through patient self-scheduling.

Next Steps...

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.